48 Destinations

February 27, 2012

Oh how embarrassing. Today after finishing my appointment with our accountant, I joyfully walked back over to Grand Central Station where earlier in the morning, I had strolled through the store Pylones USA. I went looking for a wallet but instead found an airline bag I liked. On sale too. So to treat myself I went back to buy it. Home now, proudly showing off my new bag to my husband,  he says “Um, there are all these “positions” on the bag.” And I said “huh?”. He said “sexual positions”. I pulled it close, had to take off my glasses in order to see it and there were 48 tiny white silhouetted “positions”. Wasn’t hieroglyphics after all. Now I get it, across the bottom of the bag in BIG letters, it reads “AIR PLEASURE” and the words “48 Destinations” next to the little symbols. Hopefully when zooming down the street on my bike no one will notice.


The Bus

February 24, 2012

This morning I bought a 7-day MetroCard.
Drizzling outside.
I forgot how much I like to ride the bus.
Sparks a sense of creative adventure especially on a breezy rainy day.
My great-grandpa Eli would ride the bus all over Pittsburgh on his day off from his tailor shop.
His daughter, my great-aunt Evelyn liked riding the bus too.
I look out the window when I ride and often wonder what they were thinking about and looking at when riding the bus.
Would I give up my bike to ride the bus again?
No way Jose.
But when buying the weekly card it will be as if I have a tiny piece of gold in my pocket.

Morning to Myself

February 23, 2012

Biscuit and Coffee at McDonalds while reading a long bittersweet “hand-written” letter from a friend. Groceries at Target, favorite long sleeved t-shirts marked down to $6. Two laps around Home Goods inspired by “Chains of Love” by Erasure playing overhead. Air dried hair. Morning to myself. Priceless.


Sunday Morning

January 29, 2012

The curtains quiver

The curtains shiver

Cats are asleep

all tucked neatly into sleep

The faucet drips

The birds are ecstatic

The hum of the tv above

dry skin

A circus poster

A puppet from Mexico, 35 years old, dangles on a nail from a broken thread

Cracks in the ceiling

1/2 cup of coffee left

Sunday morning


A.S. 1/29/12

New Bike Rider Revelations

January 11, 2012

New bike rider revelation #1- I see a day, somewhere in the future, where the $104 unlimited 30-day NYC MetroCard will not be a part of my life. 10/4/11
New bike rider revelation #2- Mastering the art of getting in and out of doorways and elevators with a bike, is hard. 10/5/11
New bike rider revelation #3- Specifically waited for summer to be over to buy my bike so I would not be discouraged to ride in extreme heat. But, there was something nice yesterday, about the warm breeze against my face as I rode down the quiet streets of Ditmas Park smelling soil the landscapers were digging up and the singing of birds. But yay a drop in temp today. 10/11/11
New bike rider revelation #4- Inspired by those drivers that sing in their cars and my first experience of riding in the rain, I sang showtunes when crossing busy intersections. The goal to help calm my traffic fears. 10/12/11
New bike rider revelation #5- All ready to make morning pet visits this and my back tire was flat. Had to buy an 7-day MetroCard. Very sad. Found local car service that will take me to local bike shop. 10/14/11
New bike rider revelation #6- A very very long bike ride (for me anyway) to Roy’s Bike Shop for my first adjustment. New mirror, no more looking over my left shoulder every 2 minutes, brand new basket, wine shop here I come and a ride home listening to some birds still singing at the top of their little lungs as dried leaves in the street swirled up in front of my face. Now a delicious vegetarian chicken sandwich at Salud on avenue H. i love my bike. 10/25/11
New bike rider revelation #7- After a delicious 16th anniversary dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Farm on Adderley (best burger/fries/curry mayo and margarita) we road our bikes home down the dark, quiet streets of Ditmas Park. Helmets on, front and back lights blinking, night time riding is just so peaceful. And not only do we have to be extra aware of pedestrians and cars, cats and squirrels also crossed our path. One squirrel sat in the middle of the road as if daring us to pass him by. 11/7/11
New bike rider revelation #8- There is something so nice about viewing the leaves changing color in Ditmas Park on bike, rather than on foot. And because of this summer-like fall I can still wear my sandals as I pedal through piles of dried leaves on the side of the road. 11/15/11

Sleepless in Brooklyn

April 16, 2009

It is 2:11 am and I cannot sleep.

I woke up at 1:10 am. Why?  It got me thinking about Michelle Slatalla’s column (my fav) in the NY Times from March 12, (just read it two days ago) entitled “It’s Time for the 2 A.M. Lullaby”. She writes about the change in her sleeping habits and waking up in the middle of the night, once she hit her 40’s.

Uh Oh, I am 40.

One of the woman she interviewed told her, “No matter when you sleep, what you need, is to feel secure.” So I asked myself, did I feel secure? Not really. I could hear the TV in the apartment upstairs and someone was banging in an apartment downstairs. I do not like noise, my ears have the qualities of a dog that sniffs for drugs. If a noise is being made, I hear it. Meca our 9 month old kitty, who usually never has time for me in daylight becomes very loving around 1 am and burrows her head under my chin, while covering my face with wet kisses from her nose and purring like a car that backfires. Actually this is the part that does make me feel secure. I’ll take any love I can get from her.

Then the fact that I am 40 got me thinking about Trader Joes. My husband and I went grocery shopping yesterday around 4pm at the TJ on 14th street in Manhattan. I always say never again. The chaos there is incredible. It is impossible to shop with the amount of people trying to get down the aisles, but we managed to to leave with a bag of groceries that cost us $48.00.

We were standing in a huge line, next to be called to a cashier and I said to the young man directing “traffic”, “Have you been to the one in Brooklyn?”. He said yes, and that it used to be a bank. I said, “Yes, my bank, it used to be Independence Bank and that is where I went 20 years ago.” Then I thought OMG and said, “How old are you, like 20?” and he said 22. And then he said, ” 20 years ago I was 2 and didn’t know what a checking account was, I wish I was 2 again.” And I said , “Wow, now I have had one of those experiences with a younger person who I consider a peer, but really am not. I was an adult when you were a baby.”

31 minutes later, I am still here awake. Meca has left me for a comfortable spot in the living room with her peer Bella, a 3 year old Tabby.

Isn’t She Lovely?

January 14, 2009

I want to welcome N (my mom) as my very first  blueberrydumpling editor.

I wish I could record all the thoughts in my head as they come up. Sometimes I think of things to write about, but if I wait too long to jot them down, they lose momentum after the thought has left the moment.

It has been one week and three days of being unemployed.

Here are some highlights:

Daily, I continue to lose track of the day of the week.

My friend J and I went to see Bride Wars last Friday (opening day). I recommend it if you want to escape for two hours to laugh (and cry). We walked down Court Street and went into Rapisarda, a hypnotic shop full of wonderful handbags, wallets, jewelry and other fun items. I, being a bag/wallet-aholic, actually contemplated some wallets that cost $180. Then I remembered two important words, UNEMPLOYED and BUDGET. We had the best chat with the owner, who is from Brazil. J was very happy to find a large assortment of resin jewelry by R. Sobral. Then we went to Marquet Patisserie, which sits in the same space Roberto Cappucino used to be. I was sad to see they recently painted over the odd faced cherubs on the bathroom walls.

Our cat Meca was spayed last week and has had a slow recovery with numerous trips back to the vet. Spending a lot of time at home, I have gotten to know her and Bella’s, our spirited tabby, daily routines. I offered to be in charge of their datebooks but they declined.

Target had leftover Christmas items disorderly placed in two aisles in the back of the store, marked down 90%. I scored a shortbread cookie in the shape of Santa with his portrait on top. 19 cents. Worked great with my new budget.

M and I went to the Outsider Art Fair. Amazing and inspiring art- I want it all to hang on my walls. On the way an erratic and angry man approached us as we were standing on the platform at Franklin Ave. I automatically said “sorry” because I assumed he was going to ask for money. He jumped back and screamed, “Sorry? Sorry for what, why you sayin you sorry? You are a racist. I just got out of jail and on and on and on.” I thought of two things, why did I say I was sorry, what did I have to be sorry about? And the Law and Order I had watched the night before where a mentally ill man, just released from Rikers (without any medication) killed a woman on the subway platform. Yikes. M not being engaged said something about him being a man approaching two women and yelling at them. The man straightened up and it was as if the sun rose across his face. His peacock feathers puffed out and he said, “Thank you, I am a MAN.” M had diffused the whole thing by appealing to his ego, indirectly, before I became a L&O episode. I offered him the cahnge in my pocket, he refused but ended up taking it and busted out singing, “Isn’t She Lovely?”

One very positive bit of news, part of budgeting has meant refraining from the numerous bottles of wine we consume each week. But thanks to Trader Joe’s and their $2.99 bottles of wine (love the merlot) we do not need to deprive ourselves.

Yesterday ended on a happy note, my February issue of Domino magazine was in my mailbox.